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Rewiring The Content Economy

Rilla is a fundamental shift in the way video data disseminates through the internet. Peer-to-peer technology leveraging audience bandwidth to reduce the cost-to-serve by 90% and redirect the value back to creators and their communities.

super charging our creativity

  1. The internet is beautiful

    Web 1 and its underlying protocols are beautiful, elegant and decentralised. The internet is well suited to support communities in serving live content amongst themselves at low cost.

  2. Fixing today's hyper costly live-streaming infrastructure

    Through peer-to-peer networking Rilla is leveraging the true nature of the internet to bypass today’s internet gate-keepers and reduce the cost-to-serve by 90%. Rilla is the peer-to-peer live streaming infrastructure for the next generation of the internet.

  3. Bigger the audiences the bigger the capacity on Rilla Network

    The capacity of the Rilla network is a function of the audience size. As more viewers flock to popular content the network capacity organically grows due to the increase in audience contributions.

  4. The future of live content is interactive

    Rilla maps interactive layers over live content supporting live commerce, community comms and just about any audience engagement experience you can imagine.

  5. Contribute to the network and earn rewards

    Rilla offers the opportunity to run dedicated relays, providing a robust quality backbone to the network in exchange for considerable rewards. All you need is bandwidth, minimal compute capacity and consistent uptime.

Our Difference

Economical, scalable and secure by design

Rilla dramatically reduces network costs by up to 90%, fostering a unique opportunity to give back to the community.

More than 95% of the cost of live streaming infrastructure is attributable to network alone.

Who We Are

Co-founding engineers

Engineers and comrades together across 5 ventures to date, spanning education, AI for healthcare, low level airspace utilisation systems for air traffic control, AI gaming and the decentralisation of AI infrastructure.

Hal Steven Smith

Hal Smith Stevens


Pul Bandara

Pul Bandara



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